Custom Screen Windows & Doors in Gaithersburg, MD

Have a unique window or door that you’ve struggled to find a screen for? Gaithersburg Glass Company is your source for screen windows and doors throughout the Gaithersburg area! We’re committed to excellent quality, so our staff fabricates all new and repaired screens in our workshop.

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New Screen Windows & Doors in MD, DC & VA

Gaithersburg Glass is one of the only remaining companies that make new screen windows and doors to fit your existing windows and doors. We can make screens to exactly fit your windows and doors by duplicating them from scratch—including the frame and fastening mechanism. No matter where you’re looking to install a screen, we can customize it to your needs. We can fabricate frames in white, mill, and bronze finishes to match the rest of your screens.

Screen Window & Door Repair

Is your screen window or door frame in good condition, but the screen itself is damaged? Don’t settle for a cheap DIY patch from the hardware store. Keep your home looking its best with a repair from Gaithersburg Glass. We’re happy to only repair or replace the screen based on your needs, whether your screen is stretched and sagging or has rips and holes. We use the highest quality of materials for all screen replacements, which helps keep your doors in better condition and extends their lifespan. Have your pets caused damage to your screens in the past? We offer super-strong pet screen materials, in addition to fiberglass and aluminum.

Benefits of Installing Screen Doors & Windows

Gaithersburg Glass is trusted throughout the region because of our dedication to quality workmanship and excellent service. Our professionals can help select the right screen replacements and fabricate them to fit your windows and doors.

There are many benefits to installing screen doors or windows to your home. Some of these benefits include:

  • Protection: Installing a screen door offers protection to your door from the environment and wind-blown debris that can damage paint on your door.
  • Fresh airflow: Better air circulation is provided when installing a screen door or window, plus screen doors often allow in more natural light.
  • Keep insects out: Screens allow in air but prevent bugs, animals, leaves, and other debris from entering your home.

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Our experts can guide you to the right screens for you, whether you’re looking to install a sliding screen door on your patio or add screens to your windows.

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