Noise Reduction Windows in the DC Metro Area

Reduced Noise & Soundproof Window Installation in DC & Maryland

Gaithersburg Glass Company installs stylish windows with noise reduction features in Maryland and the greater Washington, DC metro area. We use custom-built CitiQuiet Soundproof Windows, the industry’s leading brand that can eliminate up to 95% of exterior noise.

Noise-reducing windows help you sleep peacefully at night. At the office, they help keep your team productive even during the horn-blaring traffic jams and ongoing construction projects that are common in DC and Baltimore. Suitable even for music recording studios, these are the best soundproof windows in Maryland and they can be customized for any size, shape, and style of window.

Custom Soundproof Windows in the Baltimore-DC Area

soundproof windows in gaithersburg and washington dc

The CitiQuiet window system works as a custom insert that blocks noise from the outside. Your existing windows do not need to be removed or altered. The sleek, soundproofing window frame matches your current frame so you’ll barely even notice it’s there! Laminated glass and the dead air between window panes capture and block noise.

While many replacement windows can slightly reduce ambient noise compared to older windows, many homes and businesses need a noise reduction window insert to make the indoors truly quiet and serene. Different options can achieve anywhere from 50% to 95% soundproofing.

On top of that, your noise reduction windows will also help reduce drafts, dirt, and pollen and help lower your energy bills. Because they are merely a low-profile window insert rather than a replacement, there’s rarely any need for permits or approvals.

Different Styles of Noise Reduction Windows in Gaithersburg, Baltimore & DC

Not only will Gaithersburg Glass Company install custom-sized CitiQuiet soundproof windows, but the finished result will look and function almost exactly like your current windows. You can even open the windows for ventilation when desired. The opening and viewing area size are barely affected by the insert.

We can create custom soundproofed windows for virtually any type and style:

  • Single-hung and double-hung windows
  • Casement, awning, and other hinged windows
  • 2-lite and 3-lite slider windows
  • Picture windows (stationary windows)

No matter what style of soundproof/noise reduction window you are looking for, Gaithersburg Glass has a solution for your home or business! Call (301) 948-2623 or contact us online for a free estimate on soundproof windows in Baltimore, Gaithersburg, and Washington DC.

Soundproof Home & Office Windows in Washington DC & Baltimore

Did the lot across the street recently begin a construction project that will take years to finish? Do you wake up because your neighbors make a racket coming and going in the middle of the night? Noise-reducing windows work like magic, even in urban environments like Baltimore or DC or near a loud, busy highway or railroad.

Gaithersburg Glass Company has your solution for both residential and commercial windows with noise reduction. We will customize your windows or interior glass walls for any application:

  • Office windows
  • Recording studio booths
  • Conference rooms
  • Co-working spaces
  • Private phone booths
  • Apartments and condos
  • Hotels
  • Retail storefronts
  • And more!

Install Noise Reduction & Soundproof Windows in the DC Metro Area

Find out how stylish, discreet, and amazingly effective our soundproofed windows can be. Gaithersburg Glass Company uses state-of-the-art CitiQuiet products and our decades of professional experience to deliver the best performance and looks, so you can have peace of mind that your noise reduction windows will be installed correctly the first time.

Use our online contact form or call (301) 948-2623 to request a free consultation for noise reduction windows anywhere in the Washington-Baltimore metro area.