Glass Pet Doors in the DC Area

If your dog or cat loves to spend time outside, glass pet doors can make your life quite a bit easier. Gaithersburg Glass Company installs safe, attractive dog doors and cat doors that complement your existing decor and are designed for incredible durability and safety.

We are the local authorized installer for Security Boss pet doors in the Washington–Baltimore Metro area. Security Boss products are designed and engineered for home security, stylish looks, and luxury quality. For a glass pet door that looks professional and functions the way you want it to, trust Gaithersburg Glass Company for a custom installation.

Call us or get in touch with us online to set up a free consultation for glass dog doors or cat doors. We install Security Boss pet doors in any location with options for small and large breeds.

Through-the-Glass Pet Doors in the DC Metro Area

While dog doors can be installed through a wall or door, many people prefer the seamless look of a glass pet door. Cats and small or medium dogs can often fit easily through a pet door sized to match one or two panes of a window grid.

Gaithersburg Glass Company can install Security Boss in-the-glass pet doors with options including:

  • French door pet doors
  • Pet doors for sliding glass
  • Pet doors for windows or fixed glass
  • Pet doors for sliding screen doors
  • Custom-sized glass pet doors

Our Luxurious Glass Pet Doors

No matter how much you love your animal companions, you probably would prefer to avoid altering the aesthetics of your home just to accommodate their play time. Gaithersburg Glass Company works with our clients to select the best options for glass pet doors based on both form and function.

Our high-quality pet doors from Security Boss are made to seamlessly integrate with your windows or doors. The frames are built with heavy-duty aluminum, steel, and composite materials to weather years of frequent use, yet refined in appearance so homeowners will love the look!

Whether you’re looking for a glass pet door to match a dark walnut or light oak door, or a custom-made patio door with a locking dog door, we have your solution. Gaithersburg Glass Company always takes the time to get the details right for custom glass pet doors in the Washington–Baltimore Metro area.

Sealing and Locking Pet Doors for Security

Your average pet door can easily become a security risk if it allows in raccoons, insects, or even burglars. Aside from such fears, you should also look for sealing pet doors that maintain your home’s energy efficiency.

Gaithersburg Glass Company offers premium pet doors with dual flaps to prevent loss of heating and air conditioning. We also have cat and dog doors with locking panels to keep them inaccessible while you’re away from home.

Contact Us for Custom Glass Pet Doors in the Washington, DC Area

We offer free consultations for through-the-glass dog doors and a wide variety of high-quality pet doors from Security Boss, the most trusted manufacturer. As your local installer, Gaithersburg Glass Company will take care of precise measurements and help you choose the features your pet needs and the aesthetics you prefer.

Call us today to arrange an in-home consultation for a custom dog door or cat door in the Washington–Baltimore Metro area.