Gaithersburg Glass Company offers an extensive range of glass railing systems that is guaranteed to add that extra touch to your stairs, landings and decks.

Standoff Systems

Standoff glass railing systems are facia mounted and for the true minimalist. Simple through-the glass stand off brackets attach the glass railing to the side of the stairs or landing. Gaithersburg Glass Company uses Mogg, CRL and custom metal fabricator systems. Standoff systems are compatible with 1/2″ thick glass.

Base Shoe Systems:

Base Shoe Systems can be used for base and facia mounted glass rails. The base shoe system is a frameless glass rail system that can be concealed within the finished floor or stair system.

Rail Post Systems:

Post system glass railings are ideal for those applications where we need to install on the finished floor-like stair treads. Post systems utilize 1/4″ and 3/8″ thick glass.

Glass Railings & Staircases in the DC Metro Area

Glass railings add a modern and airy look to any home or office in the DC metro area. Gaithersburg Glass Company will help you design the perfect glass stair railing or balcony rail and install it with breathtaking craftsmanship.

There’s so much to love about glass railings. Clean design, effortless style, and dependable safety will always be on trend. Consider adding a custom glass staircase railing system for everything from the foyer stairs to the backyard deck. GGC can even install glass railings throughout your office, store, or restaurant.

At GGC, we create beautiful glass rail systems in the DC metro area that are architectural quality, stylish enough for the most discerning decorators. We work with homeowners, designers, and architects to create custom glass railings for stairs, balconies, lofts, catwalks, and anywhere else you like.

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Glass Railings Systems in the DC Metro Area

Most homes and businesses need some form of handrail system for safety purposes. The solution can be much more than functional—in fact, a glass railing system can feel like a makeover for the entire home or building.

In the Washington, DC area, our team excels at providing custom design and engineering of top-quality glass railing systems. You can enjoy peace of mind while getting the fresh style update you want!

Commercial buildings in DC often use glass railing to provide the necessary handrails without sacrificing visibility. Both traditional and modern homes can also find the right look using framed or frameless glass rails.

Glass Railings for Staircases in DC, MD & VA

Whether you are designing a new construction home or planning a staircase remodel, be sure to request a consultation and find out how a glass staircase railing can elevate the project.

We only sell and install the highest quality products. Glass railings for stairs can rise up from the treads, attach to the fascia, or seemingly float in the air while being held securely to a shoe base.

If you’re interested in glass stair railings in the DC metro area, be sure to get help from our experienced design and installation team to achieve your preferred aesthetics and ensure sturdy, reliable safety for years to come.

Standoff Systems

A standoff glass rail is securely attached by metal hardware on the outside of the staircase fascia or wall. The bold modern look allows for a frameless glass stair railing with minimalist appeal. We use the best-quality standoff brackets from Mogg and CRL, or we can create custom metal fastener systems.

Base Shoe Systems

For a clean look and zero gaps, we can install a base shoe system for your glass staircase railing. The base shoe can be concealed in the floor or part of the visible design, available in the metal finish of your choice to coordinate with the handrail on top of the glass.

Rail Post Systems

Rail posts give you the best of both worlds—the sleek look of a glass stair railing with the traditional look of balusters. Our custom glass rail posts allow for a variety of design options and can be installed on wood, concrete, or stone steps.

Choose Gaithersburg Glass for Custom Glass Railing Systems

We bring you the best in design, workmanship, and customer service for custom glass railings in the DC metro area. Gaithersburg Glass Company offers flat glass and railing system installation for small remodeling and large construction projects alike.

Request a free, on-site consultation or call us today at (301) 948-2623 to discuss design and installation of custom glass railing systems in the DC area.